VOGUE Virtual Tour Strategy

Virtual tours are here to stay! 

Potential customers and clients are going to expect more from virtual engagement because both companies and consumers are going get more comfortable using and trusting the platforms.

That means one thing. You have to break through with creative videos!

My personal favorite are FAQ style videos and casual FaceTime-esque videos of a tour. But that's what everyone's going to do... so steal this idea now!


One of the most-watched video styles on YouTube is the 73-question series from Vogue. Not only do millions of people love watching celebrities answer fun-fact questions while touring their home, but many influencers have created their own, recreated versions to have fun with their followers. Here's an example:

Film your own version of the 73-question video while touring your venue. Answer FAQ's and show off a styled venue, or even as a blank canvas. 

You could also film a similar video in your studio, on-site, or in the office.

Then add it to your Instagram stories highlight so that new leads that find your Instagram can learn about your venue, your team, and feel like they're part of the fam! You should also add the video to any other platform you can.

Tips to get started:

  • First, watch your favorite Celeb's 73-Questions video
  • You can film one yourself vlog-style. 
  • When you can, find a friend or team member to help you film
  • Write out your questions and rehearse your answers in advance so you don't forget
  • Think about the areas of your venue that you want to showcase
  • Set up props to play with during the video, like watering plants, adjusting linens, handing off paperwork, etc. 
  • Record on Instagram stories so you can post it to Instagram and Facebook
  • Add to your Instagram highlights to get more and more views
  • Film more than one! Each season, day, outfit is different and in binge-culture, more is always better. 
  • Film vertical and horizontal for variety.