How to get people to come to your event

The scary thing about social advertising is that it's effortless to spend money, and therefore effortless to waste money. 

We have already revolutionized national wedding shows to overcome the changing landscape of the event, making sure this staple for vendors continues to bring sales and success. 

"This show was incredible, if not the best show yet!" 
- Shauna, Wedding Collective New Mexico

"The show on Sunday was AMAZING! I can't wait to plan the next one."
- Barbara, Perfect Wedding Guide Miami

"We can't thank you enough for helping us get so many qualified couples to our events again."
- Jeremy, Perfect Wedding Guide Orlando, Daytona

What to take away from these success stories for your brand:

Conventions, Trade Shows, and Wedding Shows aren't the only events that can benefit from the strategy we want to teach you. 

Your company can use this strategy for mixers, networking events, open houses, exhibit halls, and more.

The customer value journey is essential when it comes to events. You can think of this list like a sales funnel. 

  • First, you have to get their attention
  • Next, you have to get them to want to come
  • Then, make sure you're in their calendar
  • Find a way to connect with them leading up to the event
  • Close the ticket sales
  • Remind them why they want to come to the event

We use a tried and true strategy, and it goes like this:


Make sure everyone that possibly would want to come to the event or would share it with their friends/family knows about it! We use Facebook ads for Facebook events to circulate 25-50 miles around the event venue. The objective we set these ads up for is #1 Event Responses and #2 shares on social.

Use a broad audience so that you can reach as many people as you can for the least amount of money. 

Find a Way to Communicate

We use two methods to create communication channels so that we can remind, excite, and promote the events leading up to show-day. We don't want all of those interested people to forget about us!

The two methods include:

#1 A lead-generating form (usually it will give a coupon code for their ticket purchase) to collect email addresses

#2 Facebook Events to send out notifications when we post in the event.

Re-target interested segments with either a discount promotion or a call to action with a sense of urgency.


You can re-target your Facebook Event "interested" audience with Facebook ads, use a custom audience to import your leads list and use email, SMS, and drip marketing to give exclusive offers, meant to "close" the ticket sale. 

Keep them excited!

Last but not least - keep getting them excited for the event! Especially if tickets are free, you will want to make sure everyone is still enthusiastic so that they choose to show up in a world where Netflix, sleeping in, and relaxing at home are so tempting!

Over-communication is not OK

Now, we have to tell you that this marketing occurs over about 90 days, and we protect our audience from over-communication. Make sure the frequency of your messages is relevant and adds value. 

The last thing you want to do is become background noise! 

Follow this strategy and we can guarantee you will see better results for less. Let us know how we can help!